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Author ~ Singer ~ Lyricist ~ Storyteller

About Randye

Randye Sundel is a New York Times published author. Her short stories appear in anthologies True Stories Volumes V and VI. A published lyricist and founder of Wry Toast, Randye writes and performs original musical comedy roasts and tribute poems for private and corporate events. Her background as a public relations and marketing professional makes her a well-spoken podcast guest discussing caregiving, grief, and life after loss. “Role of A Lifetime” is Randye’s upcoming memoir told in her inimitable voice.

A New Yorker who now calls Danbury, Connecticut, home, Randye lives happily with her forever date. In addition to reading, her passions include theatre, travel, and barre fitness classes. She enjoys making music, conversation, and dinner reservations.

Work in Progress

“Role of A Lifetime” explores what happens when a young woman is taught to protect and care for family without regard for her own needs and survival.


Orignially published in New York Times, Modern Love

Discovering My Dying Husband’s Deceit 

When I married my husband, Bob, in 1974, we never discussed who would handle our money. He was earning considerably more than me, and he was a man. Decision by default. It was the relationship my parents modeled to no ill effect. Bob was a wonderful provider, and we enjoyed a life of privilege. In 2015, after decades of my caregiving for his serious medical crises, Bob died from liver disease. Mere months before his death, though, I had made a shocking discovery. Bob had depleted much of our financial investments and retirement account. He had ballooned our home equity loan to hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain our house and lifestyle when he was no longer earning. Responsibility for betraying me — leaving me with substantial debt — lies with Bob. Choosing financial ignorance over advocacy? That is on me.

“To Wed or Not To Wed” is a story about a challenge a blind date poses to a young New Yorker to trust her gut and choose between love and marriage or love of life on the stage.

“Once Upon A Mattress” is a story about an older widow overcoming fear to open up herself to the possibility of a new love.

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