The Broken Pack – Sibling Loss & Love Beyond Death, An Enduring Bond

Dr. Dean speaks with Randye, a surviving sibling, who shares her deeply personal story of losing her brother Mitch to cancer over 45 years ago. Her experience challenges the notion that grief fades with time, highlighting the enduring nature of sibling loss and its profound lifelong impact on surviving siblings.

Randye speaks to the ways loss transforms us while emphasizing the unbreakable bond that persists between siblings, even beyond death. This episode offers a unique perspective on grief, resilience, and the transformative power of love, making it essential listening for surviving siblings, young adult cancer support networks, and anyone seeking understanding about the complexities of grief – especially the disenfranchised loss of a sibling and anticipatory grief that Randye experienced with many of her losses including her brother, parents, and husband.


You can find Randye’s reading at 10:27.

You can find Randye’s reading at 19:37.

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